Solutions that make all the difference

Offering the level of Insurance you offer your customers!

MaxContact has been working with insurance companies for many years and understand the challenges you face within a very competitive but highly regulated market.



Management Information

With Real Time Dashboards configured to display statistics that are relevant to your business allowing you to measure performance at any given time. With Historical Reporting available across all areas from agent, team, campaign and lead source, reports can be automatically delivered to all management levels providing them with the level of detail they require.

Work Efficiently

Whilst ensuring Compliance – In an increasingly regulated sector, you can rest assure that MaxContact is compliant with Ofcom and ICO regulations . The introduction of our Undroppable Progressive and Predictive algorithms maintain productivity whilst removing dropped calls.

Blended Environment

Seamlessly blend inbound and outbound communication to meet the current demand. Ensuring inbound calls are handled in a professional manner providing a good customer experience whilst maintaining agent productivity during quiet inbound periods.

Effective Strategy

Maximise customer acquisition, with fast responses to web enquires and ensure high customer retention rates with effective communication throughout the policy life cycle.

Maximise Revenue Opportunities

Build simple business processes which advisors can easily follow to maximise upsell and cross sell opportunities with comprehensive data gathering to drive future campaign strategies.


Solution to allow you to handle all of your clients customer interactions regardless of the type of media they use.

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